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Get a movie-star smile with the Hollywood smile Turkey

The Hollywood Smile Turkey treatment can correct many smile defects such as worn, yellowish or misaligned teeth. That's why it is the favourite option for celebrities when it comes to dental cosmetics. If the dental imperfection is too pronounced, the dentist may recommend the use of crowns. But in most cases, you can opt for Smile Infinity dental veneers.

How much does the Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey?

Like any other cosmetic dentistry treatment, Hollywood Smile could be a little expensive. Prices can vary from 700 $ to 1200 $ per tooth in most countries

However, you can have your treatment in our dental clinic in Turkey. The dental veneers prices in Turkey are 70% cheaper than in other countries, in addition you will benefit from the high quality of care. We have also high quality equipment and the best cosmetic dentists.

The Smile Infinity Veneers price covers your all inclusive stay in Turkey, including the dentist's fees and your accommodation in a luxury hotel.

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What is the Hollywood Smile ?

The Hollywood Smile is an intervention of modern cosmetic dentistry which uses mainly Smile Infinity veneers. These veneers consist of a very thin layer of porcelain that the dentist places on the surface of the tooth enamel. Applied on the natural teeth, these veneers are 30% stronger than the usual ceramic dental veneers. They naturally whiten the teeth without damaging them. They also correct the smile quickly and painlessly.

How Smile Infinity veneers are applied in Turkey?

The process usually takes place over two sessions.
In the first session, the dentist examines your teeth. We usually use digital smile design so that the dentist can create a cosmetic strategy for your new smile. The Digital Smile Design allows a 3D visualization of the smile after Hollywood Smile.
Afterwards, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth to create custom veneers that fit you. He sends the impressions to the laboratory to create the models.
During the second visit, your dentist will proceed with the placement of the dental veneers. But before this, he will clean the enamel surface and apply a special glue to fix the veneers. This technique does not require cutting any part of the enamel, it is done without anaesthesia and without pain. The veneers must fit perfectly in your mouth

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The benefits of getting a Hollywood Smile Treatment

The Hollywood Smile treatment offers many advantages. But one of these main ones is having a perfect smile. You can forget about stained, crooked or worn teeth and even misshapen teeth.
The Hollywood Smile treatment uses porcelain veneers which are very durable and resistant to stains.
Although this is a permanent treatment, you will have to replace the veneers at some point. But we're talking about 20 years, so you don't have to worry about that now
These advantages make the Hollywood Smile very attractive compared to the conventional composite and ceramic veneers
In the case of veneers or ordinary ceramic veneers, the dentist may have to remove some of your enamel which means that the treatment is irreversible
This is not the case with Smile Infinity veneers which can be placed on the natural teeth without having to trim them. As a result, a reversible Hollywood smile is possible

The disadvantages of the Hollywood Smile treatment

One of the main disadvantages of the Hollywood Smile is that it's very expensive. But, as we have already told you, you can pay 70% less than the normal price if you do this treatment in Turkey.

You will get a high quality treatment at an affordable price.

Do I have to follow a specific routine after getting my Hollywood Smile ?

Consider your veneers as if they were your natural teeth. They need cleaning, care and hygiene. It is not common for your Hollywood Smile teeth to become stained, but it could be the case for the edges of the veneers that meet the teeth. Therefore, try to avoid foods that can stain or discolor the teeth.
Stay away from hard materials! Hollywood Smile veneers are tough but like the natural teeth they can break if you are not careful.

Is the Hollywood Smile treatment painful ?

This is a very common question asked by many patients. In fact, it is a painless dental treatment.


The result of the Hollywood Smile Istanbul Turkey

The Hollywood Smile treatment is a cosmetic dental treatment that gives excellent and long-lasting results that is why it is the favourite cosmetic dental treatment for celebrities.

It is not a painful treatment, but it could prove to be more expensive than the others. However, you will always have the choice to do dental tourism for a few days in Turkey and then go home with your bright Hollywood smile.

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