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Teeth whitening Turkey : A dental care to have white teeth at an all-inclusive price

Teeth whitening : what is it?

Teeth whitening Turkey is one of the most common and fastest cosmetic dentistry procedures for improving the appearance of teeth. In fact, it is a process of lightening the discolored teeth that interests many people who want to whiten their teeth.

Teeth whitening also improves the aesthetic and the cosmetic quality of the smile.

There are many causes of teeth discolouration such as :

  • Drinking coffee and tea for a long time

  • Smoking which is the main cause of yellow teeth

  • Taking medication for a long time

  • Certain diseases

  • Neglecting dental hygiene such as the improper brushing and flossing

Teeth whitening Turkey

Teeth whitening: for whom ?

The ideal candidate for teeth whitening is a person :

  • in a good dental health

  • with general dental discoloration and stains

  • with realistic expectations in terms of results

However, there are factors that may prevent patients from being good candidates for this treatment. These include patients :

  • with restorations on the front teeth (such as porcelain veneers, dental crowns or dental bonding)

  • with intrinsic stains

  • with extreme tooth sensitivity or worn enamel

  • with bruxism or temporomandibular joint disorders

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Teeth whitening price Turkey : how much does teeth whitening in Turkey cost ?

Teeth whitening Turkey price

For a cheap teeth whitening in Turkey, our dental clinic Turkey offers an all-inclusive teeth whitening price as well as a full medical stay in Turkey. Indeed, these are packages that include teeth whitening price Turkey as well as the hospitalization and the postoperative stay in a 5 star hotel.

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Before teeth whitening Turkey

Before whitening your teeth, the dentist first examines your teeth and gums to check if there are problems such as a severe tooth decay, cracks and gum diseases. After determining your suitability for the treatment, you discuss your goals and likely results. With realistic treatment expectations, you are more likely to be satisfied with your result

Finally, a shade analysis and a complete dental cleaning are performed. Your dentist will match your smile to a color chart before and after the treatment. By documenting your transformation, you will be able to see the measurable difference in the colour of your teeth

How to whiten the teeth ?

The dentist begins by covering the patient's lips and gums to ensure that only the teeth are exposed to light. He also places cheek spacers and cotton balls inside the mouth cavity to keep it open. He then applies a hydrogen peroxide gel to the surface of the teeth and the exclusive lamp is activated with its light directed at the teeth.
The light emitted by the lamp acts on the hydrogen peroxide gel to break it down. The thin layer covering the teeth called the pellicle is also dissolved. The oxygen is then released and penetrates the enamel and the underlying dentin layer of the teeth to whiten the dyes and the teeth.
This process lasts about 15 minutes and the lamp is turned off. The dentist then removes the gel cover and applies a new layer of hydrogen peroxide gel. The light is redirected to the teeth to continue the whitening process.
Finalement, le dentiste applique un gel spécial au fluorure sur les dents pour minimiser la sensibilité.
Finally, the dentist applies a special fluoride gel to the teeth to minimize sensitivity.

Teeth whitening Istunbul

What happens after teeth whitening in Turkey ?

Some people with sensitive teeth may experience a small pain or a tingling sensation that lasts for hours after the teeth whitening procedure. The sensitivity is mainly due to the light emitted by the specialized lamp.  The patients also receive a kit to take with them for a proper care and a maintenance of their teeth.
To extend the longevity of the newly whitened teeth, the patient must follow the dentist's instructions :

  • Avoid dark-coloured foods and drinks for at least one week after the teeth whitening

  • Stop smoking

  • Use a straw when sipping dark-coloured drinks, it reduces contact with the teeth

  • Brushing and flossing regularly (3 times a day) also prevents the build-up of dyes such as plaque and tartar

The benefits of teeth whitening

Having teeth whitened offers the patients several advantages. These benefits include :

  • Removing food particles from the mouth

  • Removing the accumulated plaque, tartar and stains on teeth

  • Identifying a tooth decay or a cavity

  • Preventing uneven coloration

  • Improving self-confidence

  • Having a bright, white smile

  • Safe, rapid and non-invasive treatment



Teeth whitening Turkey : risks and complications

Although rare, the risks of teeth whitening Turkey include :

  • Permanent sensitivity to gums or teeth

  • Dental root damage

  • Enamel erosion

  • Uneven results

  • Damage to the mucous membranes of the mouth

  • Gum irritation

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